Who We are

Base :

  1. The letter of Chief of Naval Staff decree, number: Kep/03/V/2005, dated May 31, 2005, about the Establishment of the Center for Defense and Maritime Studies (FKPM)
  2. Chief of Naval Staff's Letter of Assignment, Number SGas / 17 / VII / 2011 dated July 25, 2011, about FKPM personnel.


Vision and Mission


Creating Indonesia as a large maritime country based on the archipelago.


Educating the nation to know the maritime terminology in general and principally in maritime defense and security.



  1. Serving as a think tank for the board of Navy's Commander.
  2. Doing the Research
  3. Education
  4. Campaign the term of maritime
  5. Publication


Organization Structure

The board and personnel staff of FKPM have a background as practitioners and academics in the field of defense and maritime.


Chief : Rear Admiral (Ret) Robert Mangindaan

Robert Mangindaan graduated from XIV naval academy (1968), his assignment experience included Naval Attache at the Indonesian Embassy in Manila, Philippines (1988-1991), BAIS ABRI (1991-1996) and Military Advisors at the Indonesian Armed Forces (UN), New York (1996-1999 ). Now serves as Chief of the FKPM and Professionals Expert in Lemhanas, Jakarta.




Vice Chief : Rear Admiral (Ret) Budiman Djoko Said, M.M

Budiman Djoko Said was born in Pekalongan, Central Java, on October 1, 1946. He graduated from XV naval academy (1969). Various assignments were mostly filled on eastern Armada ships (the last Commander of the KRI HSN), and variations of assignments in the context of training both with the Navy and joint and training design staff together with friendly countries.

Assignments in Education at Kodikal, naval academy, and Seskoal. Level military education at Long TAS / India, Diklapa-II, Seskoal, Sesko TNI, and Defense and Security Resources courses in the US (IDMC). His last position was Dan Seskoal. He took his bachelor's degree at STTAL, Industrial Management Engineering. He graduated from Magister Management at UPN "Veteran" Jakarta. As III Vice-Chancellor at UPN "Veteran" Jakarta, and served as Chancellor finished in 2011. He is also an active lecturer and student advisor in the Maritime Security department at the Indonesian Defense University (IDU). Join FKPM (Defense and Maritime Studies Forum) under Asrena KASAL's control since 2003 until now as vice chief and analyst.


Secretary: Navy Colonel (Ret) Willy F. Sumakul, S.IP.

Willy F. Sumakul, graduated from XV Naval Academy (1969), U.S. Naval War College 1993, U.K. Royal College of Defense Studies (Lemhanas UK) 1997. Studied in the Department of Political Science at the Open University (1995-1996). In addition, they have participated in trainings such as ISPS CODE Training (October and December 2004). Former Seskoal Education Director (1998-2001). Various assignments / placements in the Indonesian Fleet, Kolinlamil, Seskoal and Special Staff for Maritime Affairs / DG Oil and Gas (2000-2002). He is currently as Secretary of FKPM and also as analyst.



Editorial Staff & Analysts: Heni Sugihartini, S.H.Int.

Heni Sugihartini was born in Sumedang on November 21, 1993. In 2011 she studied at Program of Study in International Relations, Padjadjaran University, Bandung. She started her career in July 2016 as editorial staff and analyst at the Defense and Maritime Studies Forum (FKPM).





Logo Description:

  1. The globe-shaped logo with the Indonesian Archipelago (NKRI) which is on the crossroads of the world, proves the position of Indonesia is very strategic. This symbol means that FKPM studies always taken from the perspective of Indonesia's interests, who are well aware of their existence in this strategic position.
  2. The abbreviation and the meaning of CDMS are the Center for Defense and Maritime Studies.